11 Tactics to Grow Your Hospice with Hospital Business

Live Webinar | Kurt Kazanowski | From: Oct 12, 2021 - To: Dec 31, 2021

Take a deep dive on how to drive more referrals, deliver greater value to a hospital, and market your hospice in a unique way. You’ll gain 11 specific tools that can be used to work with a hospital and make a difference.

Hospitals hold a great opportunity to serve more people and grow, especially if you are looking for short-length-of-stay patients. Today, in the USA, 15% of the people being discharged from a hospital meet hospice eligibility. Are you getting your share of the pie?

Almost everyone works the “middle” (discharge planners, social workers) when looking for opportunities to serve in a hospital. There are, however, many ways to bring value to a hospital, strengthen your referral relationships, and grow your referral base. Hospitals are small cities unto themselves. Understanding the different value propositions that exist in a hospital and its surrounding campus is key for success. Did you know there are over 25 different customer groups in a hospital? This webinar will teach you how a hospital works, and more importantly, how to develop and execute 11 specific tactics to grow and serve more people – even if the hospital has its own hospice!

Learning Objectives:-

  • Identify 25 different customer groups in a hospital
  • Analyze and understand the opportunities to best serve and work with a hospital to grow your referral base
  • Assimilate 11 specific tactics into your practice to serve more hospital patients
  • Identify the essential elements to create a Nurse Liaison Program
  • Determine the major differentiators that set you apart
  • Identify all the referral influencers in a hospital
  • Explain the value proposition per referral segment in a hospital
  • Diagram how a hospital works to understand the best referral development strategies
  • Create a growth plan to achieve the growth you want from the hospitals you serve

Who Should Attend?

This informative session is designed for owners, senior executives, program administrators, business development directors, marketing/sales staff, nurse liaisons, community representatives, and account executives.

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