401(K) Plan Committees: Fiduciary Responsibilities And ERISA Compliance

Live Webinar | John A. Reade | From: Oct 23, 2019 - To: Dec 31, 2019

What’s the very first thing the IRS or DOL demands from plan sponsors during a plan audit or investigation of ERISA compliance?

Committee meeting minutes. Most companies understand that a committee of carefully selected employees should jointly share the fiduciary responsibility of 401K oversight. Unfortunately, many companies appoint a Committee and do little else to comply with their fiduciary obligations. This session will give them the critical training they need.

Learning Objectives:-

In this session, plan sponsors, committees and other interested parties including HR, senior executives and financial professionals will learn about:

  • Building the ideal committee, selecting external advisors and working with plan providers
  • Specific committee responsibilities and requirements, including:
    • Maintaining charters
    • Conducting meetings and preparing meeting meetings
    • Drafting and revising investment policy statements
    • Selecting and monitoring providers
    • Evaluating and monitoring investment options and more
  • How to perform an internal audit of your plan’s fiduciary oversight (an important distinction from auditing the plan itself)
  • Why it’s not just the DOL and IRS to be wary of—what can be learned from recent high-profile cases brought on behalf of plan participants—the company’s own employees—alleging ERISA noncompliance

Why You Should Attend?

401(k) Committees must be explicitly trained in fiduciary duties and held strictly responsible for a very specific list of tasks. Putting a bunch of smart, even investment-minded, employees on a fiduciary committee won’t protect your company if they aren’t well-versed in the fiduciary responsibilities or follow the steps required to meet applicable law.

This webinar will deliver the critical training benefit plan committees need in order to sufficiently protect the plan, their fellow employees, and the company. We’ll also discuss the risks of noncompliance, including DOL and IRS penalties, and layout best practices for building a top-notch Committee.

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