CMS Medical Record: CoPs And Proposed Changes

Live Webinar | Virginia Pesata | From: Mar 21, 2019 - To: Feb 05, 2019

The CMS regulations and interpretive guidelines for medical records have undergone many changes in the past few years. Our expert will provide a crosswalk to those changes and highlight hot topics in the section, including verbal orders, history and physicals, standing orders, and discharge planning standards. This program will also include proposed changes in the Hospital Improvement Rule, new HIPAA information from the Office of Civil Rights, changes to the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records Privacy Law, and documentation elements in an electronic medical record.

The Joint Commission has changed many of their standards to comply with the CMS CoPs, and now medical record standards apply to lab and x-ray departments. Make sure to keep up with regulation changes so you'll be prepared for complaint validation surveys from CMS.

Why should you Attend?

  1. Explain CMS' specific informed consent requirements.
  2. Describe when CMS and TJC require history and physicals.
  3. Describe CMS standards for preprinted orders, standing orders and protocols.

Session Highlight:

  1. Breech Notification Law
  2. AHIMA practice guidelines
  3. Autopsies
  4. Incident reports
  5. Author identification
  6. Staff education
  7. Changes to HITECH
  8. OCR on HIPAA
  9. Confidentiality & privacy memo
  10. The IMPACT Act
  11. Tag 454, 457 & 458
  12. Medical record content
  13. Discharge planning standards
  14. TJC changes
  15. Grievances
  16. Standing orders & protocols
  17. Completed medical records

Who will benefit:

Anyone involved with or interested in medical record regulations and standards, including but not limited to: Health Information Management Staff and Directors, Chief Compliance Officers, Radiology Directors, Hospital Legal Counsels, ICU Nurse Directors, OR Nurse Directors, CCU Nurse Directors, Outpatient Directors, ED Managers, Patient Safety Officers, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CNOs, Quality Improvement Staff, Physicians, Nurses (all levels), Consumer Advocates, Risk Managers, Legal Counsel and Regulatory Affairs Staff.

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