Delta Variant And COVID-19 Vaccines: Policies For Mandatory Compliance

Live Webinar | Melissa Fleischer | From: Oct 08, 2021 - To: Dec 31, 2021

Leading employment attorney Melissa Fleischer will explore these fascinating legal issues. You will learn how to set vaccination policies that maintain workplace safety while adhering to the law and mitigating liability.

Is your vaccination policy legal and up to date? Learn how to write legal and appropriate policies.

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 sweeps across the country, employers are increasingly mandating vaccination for employees. The federal government, Google, Walmart, Disney, Facebook, and many other organizations have already announced vaccine requirements.

To determine if mandatory vaccination is appropriate for your employees, you need to consider the legal questions revolving around the balance of employee rights, a duty to protect colleagues and customers, and organizational liability. By understanding these issues, you can set policies for your organization now.

Learning Objectives:-

  • What laws might prevent you from requiring employees to get the vaccine?
  • What does the recent EEOC guidance say on this issue?
  • What legal liability could you face for requiring employees to get the vaccine?
  • How would you handle employees whose religions prohibit vaccines?
  • What if an employee claims the vaccine is unsafe?
  • Can you terminate an employee who refuses to get the vaccine?
  • Are there alternative ways to keep the workplace safe?
  • Could you get sued for requiring your employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine?
  • What vaccination policies and procedures should you implement?

Who Should Attend?

  • Human resources professionals
  • Business owners
  • Plant managers
  • Clinical staff
  • Operations managers
  • Safety managers
  • Employee relations staff
  • Employee relations staff
  • Location managers
  • Division supervisors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • In-house counsel

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