EMTALA Update 2019: Medical Treatment of Minors & OB Patients

Live Webinar | Sue Dill Calloway | From: Mar 12, 2019 - To: Dec 31, 2019

Understand the Finer Points of EMTALA Rules for Behavioral Health

A recent case against a South Carolina hospital yielded the largest Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) settlement in history: $1.2 million. Should you be scared? Most hospitals should—because EMTALA is the most frequent area of hospital noncompliance. And most hospitals are underprepared to meet surveyor’s scrutiny.

Gain the insider guidance you need to untangle the complex federal regulations and upgrade your EMTALA compliance in 2019. Join this information-packed webinar by hospital management guru Sue Dill Calloway to grasp the rules for—and challenges associated with—treating minors, OB patients, and behavioral health patients. For instance, uncover what to do when the babysitter brings a child into the emergency department for a medical screening exam.

After attending this instructive session, you will have the actionable tools and knowledge you need to avoid commonly overlooked EMTALA-related compliance gaps—such as those involving minor child treatment requests, certifications of false labor, born alive law, blood alcohol tests, stabilization, and much more.

Session Highlights:-

This compliance-focused session will cover:

  • Medical screening exams, including rules for minors
  • The expansion of hospital liability (discussion of Moses v. Providence Hosp.)
  • The definition of qualified medical personnel (QMP)
  • Transfers and transfer forms
  • Telemetry
  • Requests for medication
  • Emergency medical condition

Who Should Attend:-

  • Hospital administrators, physicians, nurse supervisors/educators, nurses, and staff
  • CMOs, CNOs, COOs, CFOs
  • Behavioral health professionals
  • Outpatient directors
  • Registration managers and staff
  • Compliance and risk managers
  • Legal counsel
  • Joint commission coordinators
  • Directors of hospital-based ambulance services, and patient safety officers

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