Face-To-Face, Probe, Educate and Pre-Claim Determination

Live Webinar | JUDY ADAMS | From: Oct 16, 2018 - To: Dec 31, 2018

Learn the similarities between F2F, Probe and Educate and pre-claim reviews

Home health agencies have experienced hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue since the inception of F2F reviews in 2011 and under Probe and Educate Reviews beginning in 2015. While focused F2F audits have decreased, home health agencies are still in the midst of Round 2 Probe and Educate Reviews.

Documentation for Medicare home health services is challenging requiring support of both eligibility and coverage under the Medicare program, but confusing and ongoing changes in the F2F and other certification requirements have muddied the waters even more. Physicians have new requirements when providing the necessary documentation for reimbursement.

During this in-depth, 90-minute webinar F2F, Probe and Educate and Pre-Claim Determination: It's all about the Documentation, expert speaker Judy Adams will provide the home health agencies with critical guidance on the requirements for face-to-face and Probe and Educate documentation and what must be included to avoid denials and prepare for an audit if your medical records are selected for review. Don’t miss this webinar if you want every penny of your rightful reimbursement. 

Learning Objectives

In this enthralling 90-minute session with expert speaker Judy Adams, you’ll learn:

Face-to-Face Documentation Requirements: Guidance for Home Health

  • Minimum documentation requirements: How to ensure you meet new policies
  • The latest guidelines on narratives – what is acceptable now
  • New guidance on forms – dos & don’ts of documentation compliance
  • Medicaid face-to-face documentation – new federal minimum requirements
  • How each of your home health staff can help strengthen your processes to get claims paid and prevent F2F denials.

Probe and Educate Reviews: Documentation CMS is Requesting Now

  • How the Probe and Educate reviews will impact your home health agency
  • Sample size and potential outcomes – guidelines to prepare
  • Responding to the request for records – what you need to know
  • The preliminary findings from the Probe and Educate initiative

Pre-Claim Reviews

  • Why were they started and what states are targeted
  • Basic focus of these reviews
  • Initial findings and recommendations
  • Current status of this edit
  • The important role of documentation in these three unique focused reviews of home health claims

What’s More? 

Based on the success of F2F and Probe and Educate in saving money for the Medicare program by denying payment for entire home health episodes, these programs are not likely to go away anytime soon. Every agency must be proactive to avoid devastating financial losses by ensuring their documentation is thorough and accurate.

  • Get up-to-speed on the latest face-to-face documentation requirements
  • Understand the details you need to know – Probe and Educate reviews for home health
  • Learn strategies to educate staff
  • Know the new federal minimum requirements for Medicaid face-to-face documentation
  • Get examples of documentation that does & doesn't meet requirements
  • Know the current status of pre-claim reviews
  • Learn the similarities between F2F, Probe and Educate and pre-claim reviews

Who Should Attend

It is a not-to-miss webinar for especially:

  • Home health agency administrative management staff such as clinical supervisors, billing managers, quality improvement and compliance staff
  • Intake personnel
  • Field staff (nurses and therapists)

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