HIPAA Compliance for Email & Text Messaging: Communicating with Patients, Providers & Peers

Recorded Webinar | Nancy Flynn | From: Jun 24, 2019 - To: Jun 28, 2019

HIPAA allows hospices and home care practices to communicate with patients, providers, and peers via email and text messaging – if formal guidelines and procedures governing use, privacy, security, and notification are followed.  Noncompliance with HIPAA email and text rules can result in costly fines, failed communications, and compromised electronic protected health information (ePHI).  

Are your hospice or home care communications with patients and other internal and external parties HIPAA compliant?  Do you understand and follow related laws, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)?  Have you implemented annual audits, policies and procedures, training programs, and technology tools to ensure electronic messages reflect HIPAA’s use, privacy, and security rules?  Do you require business associates and their subcontractors to adhere to a written HIPAA-specific Business Associate Agreement (BAA)?  Join us for a comprehensive review of email and texting risks, rules, records, and regulations, and gain timely information and proven best practices to shape and support your strategic HIPAA policy and compliance management program.


  • What are the HIPAA guidelines governing email and text messaging?
  • How does HIPAA’s privacy rule impact emails and texts?
  • Strategies for security rule compliance when communicating via email or text
  • Recognizing and managing patients’ privacy rights under HIPAA
  • Responding to patient email and electronic requests for PHI
  • TCPA and its HIPAA-related exemptions for healthcare providers
  • How mobile devices maximize ePHI risks and HIPAA security breaches
  • Implementing strategic, best-practices-based policies and BAAs governing email and texting
  • Supporting HIPAA compliance with employee training
  • Employing best-in-class technology solutions to safeguard electronic messages and records
  • Real-life disaster stories – costly consequences of email, ePHI, and HIPAA mismanagement
    • Checklist: Seven Steps for HIPAA Compliance
    • Sample mobile device policy with HIPAA guidelines

Who Should Attend?

This informative session is a must for compliance officers, lawyers, records managers, IT staff, HR personnel, privacy officers, directors, administrators, anyone who uses email and text messaging, and those responsible for HIPAA policy and compliance.

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