What TPE Audits Mean for Hospices in 2019

Live Webinar | J'non Griffin | From: May 22, 2019 - To: May 29, 2019

Learn How to Prepare Your Hospice for the New TPE Audits in 2019

If you’re wondering about the new Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) Audits, you’re not alone. By and large, hospice staff don’t understand the new TPE audits, nor do they know how to navigate through these payment scrutinies. This can lead to payment denials, and seriously impact your reimbursement in 2019.

Learn how the new TPE process works and what auditors will likely be looking for in 2019 in this informative session by hospice compliance guru Michelle Coleman. Gain a solid understanding of the data analysis used to select hospices for TPE audits and of how the TPE process works. Discover what these audits are looking for, so you’ll have a better chance to ensure your documentation is up-to-par.

After attending this audio conference, you’ll walk away with a firm grasp on how the new TPE process works and how to effectively document and analyze data so you can potentially avoid these audits. You’ll get firsthand feedback on the TPE audits and process, with a special emphasis on real-world strategies for quality, compliance, and billing issues.

Session Highlights

This how-to session will cover:

  • The TPE audit definition and what the process is like for these audits
  • Strategies and tips for staying compliant and avoiding increased audits
  • How to improve your documentation and billing processes, so you can minimize Medicare payment denials

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for hospice educators, QAPI/PI, executives, compliance staff, billers, nurses, and leadership

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