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Terms and conditions

A2ZWebinar commands the website possession, control, and enterprise. Kindly go through the terms and conditions of agreement cautiously prior using this site. By using this website, you agree to be obliged by the notices, policies, terms, and conditions mentioned. Moreover, below are specified that you consent to place an order, browsing this site, utilizing any info, submitting your personal info to A2ZWebinar without restraint:

Permissible Use

The content on this website is subject to the following conditions unless otherwise stated by the section concerned:

•    The material on this side can only be used for personal, informational, or internal business purposes.

•    The material is not provided, sold, licensed or leased for any fee or other consideration.

•    Copyright, trademark and design rights apply to all sections of the site.

•    The graphics on the site can not be used without its relevant text.

Backlinks to the home page of the Site from any Pre-Approved site (as defined below) are allowed, but under the following conditions:

•    You do not frame the site or any portions of it.

•    The backlink should not be seen as the fact that A2ZWebinar endorses you or your website.

•    The backlink to the site should not be used in any way that misrepresents, tarnishes or disparages A2ZWebinar in any way.

•    The backlink to the site should not be used or displayed on any web page that has malicious content or activity.

•    We may terminate your right to link or hyperlink to the site at any time for any reason or no reason.

User Conduct on the Site

In using the Site, including all Content and services available through it, you agree that you shall not:

•    Alter or attempt to alter any content on the site; this includes deleting, replacing and modifying. 

•    Interfere with the normal routines of the site with either software or back channels of any kind.

•    Deliberate interferences with the site's networks and connections will not be tolerated on any level.

•    Compile and offload information contained on the Site.

•    Use of robots and spiders to do so will immediately be noticed and appropriate action will be taken.

•    Use of service marks or trademarks without our prior written consent is prohibited; this includes meta tags, search engine keywords, and or hidden content.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions of Use:

A2ZWebinar reserves the right to change these terms and conditions any time with or without notice. It is your responsibility to review from time to time and go through the changes and updates so that you can adhere to them. Your use of the site following the updated changes automatically means you agree and accept the modified terms and conditions of use. If you have issues with the conditions set forth, you should stop using the site immediately.

Termination of Site and or Modifications to Site:

A2ZWebinar reserves the right to modify or terminate your access to the site at any time with or without notice. This termination or restriction can either be temporary or permanent. We may also impose limitations on certain features and services or charge fees for access to these features and services without notice or liability.

By using the Site, you acknowledge and agree that A2ZWebinar will not be responsible in any way to you and any other third party involved if your access to the site is terminated. 

Your Privacy:

Information collected on this Site will be used and treated as per the website’s Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to read and review the Privacy Policy before you use this site. The Privacy Policy is linked to this statement for easier access. If you do not agree with the Private Policy of this Site, we ask that you stop using the Site immediately. Any continued use of the Site means that you agree to the stipulated terms and will be treated as such.